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[keith harden band - live at the alley cat reunion 2009]
"keith harden band
live at the alley cat reunion 2009" - © 2015

the newest cd (released june 2015)
the keith harden band
performed live at the alley cat reunion
at fat city saloon on oct. 17 2009
the awesome show was recorded and now
you can experience all the thrills

[keith harden - sky songs]
"sky songs" - © 2013
the newest studio cd (released dec 2013) by
- keith harden -
eleven songs
it's americana-folk-rock-country

[keith harden - calico]
"calico" - © 2010
- a recent cd by keith harden -
it's americana-roots-country-folk-rock-blues etc.

[Keith Harden - Bad Dog Blues Sessions]
"The Bad Dog Blues Sessions" - © 2005
- A recent CD by Keith Harden -
The basic tracks, 18 songs,
were performed live by Keith
on the Bad Dog Blues show
on WITR 89.7 FM Rochester, NY
on three separate dates
- Purchase the CD online at bandvillage.com

[Keith Harden - the song goes on]
"the song goes on" - © 2004
- A recent CD by Keith Harden -
13 "folky" originals on this
singer-songwriter CD

[Keith Harden - Mostly Mississippi]
"Mostly Mississippi" - © 2003
... it's acoustic blues of the
Mississippi blues masters
brought into the now...

[-Keith Harden - Illinois Blues -]
"Illinois Blues" - © 2002
"Ilinois Blues"
fingerpickin' dobro slidin' harmonica blowin'
sweet singin' acoustic bluesy stuff...

[-Keith Harden - Precious Stone -]
"Precious Stone" - (2001)
This CD found Keith exploring new directions
as his recent move to New York provided
lots of inspiration

One of the Top 5 albums in
CU Cityview's - The Best of 2002:
Phil Strang - Record Service Owner

[-Keith Harden - Acoustic Blues -]
"Acoustic Blues" - (2001)
This CD finds Keith getting back to the basics
The pared down production features
5 original tunes by Keith
and 7 songs by the masters like Robert Johnson,
Mississippi John Hurt, and Leadbelly

[-Keith Harden - another day-]
"there goes another day" - (2000)
Keith's exciting new CD released December 19, 2000
12 new singer-songwriter acoustic tunes
finds Keith exploring new musical directions
also features Rocky Maffit on percussion

[-Keith Harden Blues-]
"What The Blues Are For" - (1999)
Keith's 1999 acoustic release is an eclectic collection of 10 superb songs inspired by the old masters.
[-Keith Harden Band - Live -]
Keith Harden Band
"Live at the Blind Pig 11-26-96" - (1996)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
A chance to catch a rare live recording of
the Keith Harden Band performing at
Champaign's legnedary old Blind Pig.
[-Keith Harden Band - Early-]
Keith Harden Band
"The Early Years 1991-95" - (1998)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
12 songs selected from the band's early material
and some classic acoustic tunes.

[-Keith Harden Cousin's-]
Keith Harden Band
"Cousin's Of The Blues" - (1993)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
The band's first CD release. Features 11 great tunes.

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