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Some musical credits……

  • Keith sang lead on the original single of "How ‘Bout Us" when he was in the Champaign Urbana, IL based band called the Water Brothers Band.
  • “How ‘Bout Us” was later rerecorded by some of the same band members who formed the group Champaign and the song became a hit.
  • Keith won the C.V. Lloyde's Music Unsung Heroes songwriting contest twice.
  • George Faber from Minneapolis has recorded 3 tunes he cowrote with Keith on his two CDs.
  • The CU group Appaloosa recorded a tune by Keith called "Adrienne".
  • Long term venues……

  • Keith has enough appeal and staying power to hold down some long term gigs like once a week with his band KHB at The Alley Cat in Champaign for more than 10 years.
    Rocky Maffit on percusion, Keith, and Neal Robinson
    play at Keith's regular Tuesday night gig at The Embassy
    [-Keith Harden at the Embassy-]
  • The band was sponsored by Budweiser for part of that stint.
  • On the acoustic side of things Keith performed every Tuesday for 7 years as a solo and with acoustic duos at The Embassy in Urbana where he helped several musician’s and singers get started in the world of acoustic music.
  • He moved over to the club next door and played once a week as a solo at The Iron Post in Urbana for a year after that.
  • In Rochester, NY Keith played every Tuesday evening at the Beale St. Café for 5 years. He also played every other Monday for a year at Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester, and hosted an open mic every Wednesday for a year at Froggy’s there in Rochester.
  • Keith was sent to the International Blues Competition in Memphis twice as a performer, once from Champaign Urbana Jazz and Blues Association with his sister Kathy singing and once as a solo blues performer after winning the Downstate New York Blues Association competition on Long Island.
  • Some Champaign Urbana, Illinois music history……

  • CU has been in the past and is still fertile ground for talented performers and writers REO Speedwagon started rollin’ with the changes there.
  • Dan Fogelberg got a good start in the coffeehouse type gigs when he was in college at the U of I.
  • Head East sprouted from the Illinois cornfields and Keith’s classmate Dale Innes was their lead singer.
  • Allison Krauss is from CU and John Pennell [who is one of her early mentors and main songwriters] is also a high school and musical buddy with Keith. John started Union Station there in CU and was the original stand up bass player for the group.

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